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The Franchise Finance Market

How the Franchise Finance Market works.

It is estimated that the Australian franchise sector, which is made up of 1,160 franchise systems, only has 15% of its annual $5 billion of funding provided on a basis that takes into account the strengths of the franchise system. This means up to 85% of the market is primed to receive finance on better terms.
The Franchise Finance Market is your place to match sector finance opportunities against financiers that are ready and able to provide the optimal finance solution.

Market Format
The Market operates as a simple Noticeboard, whereby users can review basic finance opportunity details. However, only registered lenders and Advising Financiers will have access to the full available details, and only after making an Expression-Of-Interest and being accepted by the lister.

The Market is open to genuine lenders, including banks, and franchise lending qualified and experienced professional finance brokers (“Advising Financiers”).
Financiers must be registered before they can receive full opportunity details.

Finance opportunities may be listed by either a registered Franchisee or Franchisor, however, only franchisees of a registered franchisor may themselves be registered. Registration of franchisees and franchisors is fast, simple, low cost and does not require any assessment.

Because the Market is a simple Noticeboard it only seeks to make potential financiers aware of finance opportunities. Therefore we do not make any recommendations concerning a potential finance opportunity. Franchisors, franchisees and Opportunities do not have to be assessed or rated prior to being listed on the Market. We assume all financiers are capable of and will conduct their own assessment of each Opportunity before they provide finance. However, Franchisors, Franchisees and even Opportunities may have been assessed and rated at their own request. Such assessments and ratings are a feedback mechanism to that party and are not intended as a recommendation to financiers. Please still do your own assessment before providing finance.

Rules & Terms of the Market
For the complete Rules and Terms of the Market.application-sml