Non-ideal clients The plan should also identify non-ideal clients (because they too will seek the business out – and when they do, it’s imperative they don’t distract from business goals – and that they are re-directed to competitors!) In doing so, consider what makes them non-ideal – the types of organisations, their background, profile, traits,

Just a few days ago, small businesses all over Australia woke up to find that all their online content had disappeared.   The Australian government recently proposed a media law that would force large tech companies to pay news publishers. While Google had agreed through a compromise, Facebook did not respond too kindly to it.

Last year was full of challenges for all of us particularly the franchise sector, but let’s welcome 2021 with a fresh start!   As we enter a new year, Franchise Support Market (FSM) will continue to grow and expand its services. Right now, there are over 400 franchise profiles listed, and many more are to

Mortgage brokers are warning of a market slowdown as both banks and brokers tighten access to credit on the back of the Royal Commission into misconduct in the banking sector, according to a media report. The chief executive of Commonwealth Bank (CBA) owned broker, Aussie Home Loans, suggested that dramatic changes in credit standards are

Six online SME lenders (fintechs) including Prospa, Spotcap, Capify, GetCapital, Moula and OnDeck, has signed on to a self-regulating commitment to improve the transparency of loans provided to SME borrowers. The commit to disclosing all costs through a standard pricing comparison document, including annual percentage rates and total cost of credit (i.e. interest expenses and

The team at RFG are embattled, but they are battling on.  I am not going to make statements as to the validity of actions against RFG but it is hard to deny that they have some excellent brands with many hard working and dedicated franchisees as well as some fabulous staff who genuinely care about