Service Franchise Facility

New Supportive Funding Model for the New Franchising World

Service Franchise Accreditation

Customized just for service franchises.

FFM Finance Commitment

Ten year commitment to finance all your franchisees, including with replacement lenders.

Franchise-level accreditation

A genuine franchise-level funding approval for lending to all your franchisees.

Growth & Security Obligation

Your franchise’s security pool for growth of your network. No more home mortgages needed.

Finance for franchise fees

Specifically includes up to 50% of soft-dollar component of establishing a franchise.

Supportive Structure

Strengthens franchisee network representation and support, meeting “Fairness in Franchising” recommendations.

Excellent Lending Ratios

The highest lending ratios available in the market, to reduce the lending gap.

Competitive Interest Rates

Market competitive interest rates determined by the level of support the franchise gives its franchisees.

Genuine Franchisee pre-approval

Funding is available, on pre-agreed terms, to all franchisees meeting the standard borrower matrix .

Transparent Franchise Assessment

Clear franchise assessment and categorising, with the ability to improve category; i.e. funding terms.

Only available to qualified franchises. Requires bi-annual assessment. FFM Market Participation Fee applies.